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More Outreach!!!

Hello again!! This is Kaushik, coming to you from the desk of B2D2. To those of you wondering, what have we been doing for the past couple of weeks, well we, like most of you in the northern hemisphere, have been trying to enjoy the beautiful Swedish summer while trying to meet our deadlines for a successful upcoming Integration Progress Review.

We are in late July and most of the summer is behind us. So i figured it is about time that we walk you through the steps B2D2 has taken to ensure that word of our good work reaches far and wide across the scientific community and around the general public. In other words, it is Outreach Time!!

As many of you may remember if you have been following our blogs, we had a very successful Critical Design Review in June. Even though we had a difficult and confusing period on our hands due to the ongoing worldwide situation, we managed to pull through with our efforts and came out of the design review. We got great feedback and advice from the expert panel and came back with new inspiration to push forward to the Integration Progress Review in June. Since a major part of the REXUS/BEXUS programme is the outreach of our project we have been actively involved in spreading the word about our projects

Our project manager, Mathias Axelsson, gave a very informative talk at the KTH Hyperspace Rendezvous in April, which was held online this year due to the school shutdown. It was attended by about 100 people, which included several interested future KTH students. We are also glad to announce that we have been granted the KTH Opportunities fund Scholarship by the KTH Alumni Association, funds which will be going towards our other outreach programs. Here are the other lucky recipients of the same scholarship and we wish them congratulations!!

Pic Credits: KTH Alumni Association

Because of this generous funding by the KTH Alumni Association, we are able to participate in this years European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC) to showcase our efforts to the space community. Originally scheduled to be held in Granada, Spain, this year it will be held virtually from 21st September to 2nd October. We have been selected to give an oral presentation in the Missions, Instruments, Techniques and Modelling session dedicated to Nano and Mini Satellites. So, be on the lookout for more information regarding it and we highly encourage everyone to attend the conference and check out our presentation.

On a lighter note, our team merchandise is on its way from Medtryck. So if you see anyone sporting our hoodies or any of our other merchandises, stop us, say hi and ask us about our project!!.

We are also actively recruiting new members for our team to be a part of the testing and data analysis teams. So, if you are a current or future KTH student and if you’re interested to be a part of this diverse and talented group of students, check out our recruitment page on our website or email us at

That's it from me and the next time you'll be hearing from us, we will tell you all about our experiment systems and the layout!! Don't forget to check out our other blogs and our social media channels at facebook and instagram. Until then, Hej då, Farewell, and Stay Safe!!

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