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B2D2 is Recruiting

Are you an excited engineering student at KTH?

B2D2 is currently recruiting students at KTH who are interested in contributing to an interdisciplinary engineering project with a diverse team of students. If you want to complement your university learning with some hands on project experience before you head off into the engineering industry, then we might be the team for you! We have one exciting position available in our team in the discipline of composite manufacturing. Check the description of the position below and if you think it fits your profile,  apply using the google forms below. Unfortunately, due to the rules of the REXUS/BEXUS programme, we would only be entertaining applications from either current students at KTH or students who have been granted admission to KTH. For more questions, please email b2d2-experiment

  • Composite Manufacturing: You will assist in manufacturing of the composite tape springs to be used in the magnetometer boom. This position involves hands on work with Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics (GFRPs) and we would give a preference to students who have experience in composite manufacturing or have taken classes on composite manufacturing at KTH. This position requires students who will stay long term in our team so we would prefer students who can stay a part of our team until the REXUS 13 launch campaign in March 2022. You can check out our blog on the topic or email us if you want to know more about our composite tape springs.

Why should you join? Well, as a member of our project you will get an opportunity to obtain upto 15 ECTS worth of project credits through KTH while gaining some hands on engineering experience. As part of the REXUS/BEXUS programme, you will be mentored and guided by some of the experts in the aerospace industry! So hurry up and click this link to access the recruitment form!!

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