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The FFU consists of two partially separated systems mounted on the FFU ejection rails, the Experiment Unit (EU) and the Recovery Unit (RU). The EU contains the magnetometer boom assembly (MBA), the data collection system, the Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) and at least one camera to film the deployment of the boom.

The Magnetometer Boom Assembly (MBA), contains two bi-stable composite tape springs which houses the various measurement sensors, including the two fluxgate magnetic sensors. The tape spring will be manufactured using a glass fibre reinforced polymer composite and will provide the required energy for the deployment. The boom will extend upto a distance of 2 meters.


The Recovery Unit houses the various antennas, the parachute and the recovery beacon.  The currently proposed design utilizes a open hinge design where the lid is restrained by a nylon string which is kept under tension by a spring.  The lid will be made out of glass fiber composite and the body will be made out of aluminum. The two patch antennas housed in the recovery unit will be used for data transmission to the GPS front end through the Globalstar Network respectively.

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