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The RMU has two main functions, it shall interface between the FFU and the REXUS Service Module (RXSM) and it shall eject the FFU after the REXUS rocket has despun. Additionally, the RMU
will contain a camera to film the ejection of the FFU. The RMU is designed to fit inside a 220 mm size REXUS experiment module.

The RMU has a hatch with the dimensions of 156 x 124 mm to which will be released to eject the FFU. The RMU skin also contains a 18.5 mm diameter hole to accommodate the onboard camera. The hatch is designed for the ejection of a 1.5U size FFU and it is restrained by a steel wire. The steel wire also restrains the FFU such that when the wire is cut by thy pyrocutter, the hatch and the FFU are ejected together.


The ejection mechanism has two sets of springs, one each for the hatch and the FFU. Both the hatch and FFU are restrained by a steel cable. While the design is primarily adapted from the ejection mechanism design of TUPEX-7, several modifications have been made to accommodate our bigger FFU. While the overall ejection mechanism has been extended by 30 mm, other components such as the Guide rails, the side, top, and bottom panels, etc have also been modified.

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