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Hej Hej everyone!

I hope you are having a fun summer! Here we are full time manufacturing our experiment and it is very interesting.

We have been very lucky to work on a new CNC machine in our student workshop at KTH. The workshop also has a lathe machine that we use to make retention pins and small motor axles. As well as a manual milling machine is there for any part that could get tricky in the big CNC.

On the electronics side, a PCB milling machine is available to ensure everything is made here and can be modified if needed.

See here under some nice CNC parts that we are manufacturing. These are from the ejection mechanism, the boom assembly and the FFU structure.

Many challenges arose when we started manufacturing, many factors need to be taken in account: the size of the stock to cut your piece in, the tools that are available, how can the small part be clamped in such big machine, and many more aspects that we did not expect to take so much focus.

Here under you can also see some 3D printed parts, they are too complicated to make in the CNC and do not carry any important load in the experiment unit. To choose the good material we compared many tables that showed temperature resistance as well as strength and elasticity. It is also important to test the tolerances, as they need to be bigger when working with plastic rather than aluminium.

All of this is why REXUS is a great student experience: we get to learn an insane amount of different engineering aspects that we will later encounter in industry.

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