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Experiment Status

Hello again,

There has been some time since the last blog post. We promise that we have not forgotten everyone following us. I’ll start with a short summary of what has happened since the last blog post.

The biggest thing that has happened was the IPR (Integration progress review). This was a stressful time for the team but we powered through. In the IPR we presented the current status of the experiment for representatives of the REXUS team. One of the things we were most excited to show was the communication between our ground station and the experiment and recovery unit electronics. Of course there will be more electronics and cables between the experiment and our ground station than in the current case.

In addition to this our cabinet where we store all of our parts is filling up. The ejection mechanism used for testing has been manufactured and we will soon start testing with it. We are also preparing for a drop test for our recovery unit. This will be a separate blog post in a couple of weeks.

Regarding the boom assembly, I can say that it is on its way and soon there will be a blog post with more details on manufacturing and maybe even a new, never seen before video of the assembly that has been developed by the team. In addition to this I will leave you with a short video of the first reaction wheel manufactured by the team.

In summary we are reaching a period that will hold a lot of exciting moments but will require a lot of work by the team. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our social media, our blog is on, and we are on Facebook and Instagram! Stay tuned!!

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