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Environmental testing

Hello everyone.

This is Andreas again, I designed and manufactured some of the electronics that will be used for the experiment. Today, we are going to talk about environmental testing.

All the different parts made for the experiment must be tested. Indeed, the environment close to space is hostile to electronics, the surface of the rocket will get quite hot during the launch. Remember that we are going up to 80 km!

But that is not all, because the rocket will be launched in the north of Sweden in late winter, we also have to take into account these extreme conditions. The experiment can be expected to be outdoors for a long time before launch. It will be inside the rocket on the launch pad and the temperature could be expected to go down to -30°C during a cold Swedish winter. After the experiment has landed, the free falling unit (FFU) will also be left in the snow until it is recovered.

To verify and test that the individual components will continue operating in these conditions, the whole system including the FFU and the parts left in the rocket, the RMU will be tested in a temperature chamber. The recovery unit (RU), the Electronics unit (EU) and the boom electronics have already been tested separately in the thermal chamber.

Thermal chamber

The whole assembly including the reaction wheels will also be tested in a vacuum chamber to verify that the whole system can perform in near vacuum.

Vacuum chamber

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bye !

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